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Animals Gallery - The Art of Dark Natasha

Animals and anthropomorphic furries in acrylic, marker, and colored pencil. Originals and prints of amusing and beautiful creatures.

This is the second part of a set with Charity.  After poor Mr. Greed Bat dropped all his fruits to try and get the last one, a second little bat picks up one of the fruits and hands it to him. What a nice friendly little bat. "Greed, Just one More" My part for the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge.  A little fruit Bat sees there is one more fig he just has to have. A very rare wild cat that is similar to the Geoffrey cat but smaller. This was done at the last minute for the wild cat's card deck.The smallest cat in the West, Kodkod is a little known wild feline of the Andes. A tiny cat, it weighs merely around five pounds and is less than two feet long and one foot tall, with a short tail. Leopardus Guigna it is often spelled as Codcod and called alternatively Guina, Huina or Huina. The rare feline bears a close resemblance to Geoffrey's Cat and Pampas Cat and is considered by some to be a subspecies of the former.Numbers in the wild are not well known though it is understood that the cat is quite rare and continually threatened by habitat destruction. Intense black wolf head. One of my favorite animals that are not often recognized is the maned wolf. It's not always easy painting a maned wolf without it looking like a fox considering they have similar markings. Creamed colored wolf.
I often see bear as mystic shamans and one connected with nature.Black bear in among the aspens. A Tamandua anteater sits up in the tree tops. This little vampire bat was inspired by my first bat illustration called "Bat in Glass" I really enjoy doing super detailed fur and coming up with an expression you can find priceless. Theses African were created for an Card deck "Totem Deck" filled with a variety of artists and animals. Portrait of a raccoon
A wolf with his raven companions. Red fox jumps off down a ledge and hopes the end is not too far below. Collaboration I did with Michele Light with good and evil foxes. If you think about the artists names the idea fits perfectly. Michele sketched her fox and I did mine. I had painted in my traditional style of acrylic based inks, marker and colored pencil. This piece was done for the Wish You Were Here 2006 Calendar. My Month was June and I had the Australian Shepard tending his flock. I was thrilled when I received the collie and the Doberman for the "Kennel Club Deck" I knew exactly what I wanted to do with each. The Doberman would of course have the leather and be an authority figure. This is the second dog that I did for the "Kennel Club". All that lovely flowing fur was just calling out for lace. Perfect opposite for my Doberman in the thoughts of Leather and Lace