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Animals Gallery - The Art of Dark Natasha

Animals and anthropomorphic furries in acrylic, marker, and colored pencil. Originals and prints of amusing and beautiful creatures.

Chibi snow leopard. A red fox purchase on some mossy rock taking a look around at what is going on in the forest. Black wolf on a cold winter evening just outside the forest boundary. Part of the pack that includes Shadow the black wolf. Two foxes spend a little romantic time together in their forest retreat. A piece I did for a card deck called "Totem Deck" filled with a variety of artists and animals.
A small fennec ranger tracks down his next meal. Card done for the Bestiary card deck. You can see the 8 of clubs in the back ground. Snow leopards and snow boards just seem to go hand in hand. Just another fox. An Oryx (Gemsbok) and Scimitar-horned Oryx Embrace. Wanted to do two of the types of the Oryx to show some of the differences between the two with there coloration and markings.  Both sexes have horns. Portrait of a cheetah scout watching over the African plains for prey or possible predators. This tribe does not get along well with the hyenas or the lions and needs to keep a watchful eye for danger as they tend to be much more aggressive and powerful.
Tundra wolf getting ready for the hunt. Big Grizzly bear playing with a small Rufus hummingbird in an open meadow. A little mouse and Hummingbird steal a little sip of refreshing strawberry lemonade. Little chipmunk sunning himself on the rocks up in the mountains. Red Kangaroo from the land down under. Wanted to keep him some what native so did him more like an Aboriginal. Black and white fur can be some of the most difficult to paint. I love black wolves and can usually get the fur to work but does take a lot of concentration and patience.