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Fantasy Gallery - The Art of Dark Natasha

Mythical and fantasy creatures in acrylic, marker, and colored pencil. Originals and prints of dragons, werewolves, gryphons, and gods.

The Jabberwocky from 9Alice in Wonderland)Through the Looking Glass. Done as collaboration with Hax! (Drawn by me, color by Hax) for this coming Texas Furry Fiesta's fantastic theme: Wonderland. I am so happy with the way this came out and it so much fun to do collaborations with other artists! A Dragon lays on his back admiring his new acquisition of shining precious metals and stone. A new little treasure to add to his collection.A piece I did many years ago as a drawing for the dragon portfolio. Finally had the chance to bring it to life with color.Mixed media A kitsune a balancing on his back a scale with a bit of Yin Yang added into the costume. A werewolf goes hunting on a cold winter night A griffon made up with a Cockatiel called a Griffikeet. A dragon warms itself with the last remaining light.
A dragon sits on a cliff in the mountains watch the sun set. A commission done for Hannah of her dragon character and mate.Taschevah dragons trademark and copyright to Hannah Davis Change of roles and a vary odd pair. Turnip Riders is collaboration with Ursula Vernon. She did the pencils and I colored it. She always comes up with fabulous ideas. Michele Light and I decided to try an experiment and do a few collaborated pieces. The Zombie Bunnies I had painted in my traditional style of acrylic based inks, marker and colored pencil while Michele did two felines we inked with Marker. I thought it would be interesting to do a white Vampire Vixen with a sexy look but deadly nature.
In Germany the werewolf stalks on a full moon. Truly one of the most evil race of werewolves ever created. Storm Dragon copyright DARK NATASHA. My big boy has an equally bad attitude. Inspired by Slifer I added extra wings and horns for a more menacing look. Done with warm colors mostly reds and yellows. Art Nouveau style Anubis sitting on his throne.